Strategies for Small Businesses to Modernize Workforce Technology

At Bourn Technology, we stand by the notion that technology is the backbone of efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness, especially for small enterprises. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the modernization of workforce technology presents both incredible opportunities and notable challenges for small businesses. In the heart of New Orleans, it’s crucial for local small businesses […]

Keep Your Firmware Safe and Secure

Most of us can differentiate between hardware and software. But how many know what firmware refers to? More importantly, is your business securing its firmware against security vulnerabilities? Your business knows it needs to keep its operating systems (OSs) up to date. Installing patches as they are released helps protect your OS and software applications […]

4 Tips to Build an Uncrackable Password

Keeping your employees, your business and your client’s information safe has never been as crucial as it is today. Uncertain times call for stronger security. Strong passwords are utterly important – they prevent unauthorized access to your electronic accounts and devices. If you choose a very complicated and long password, you will make it  difficult […]

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