4 Tips to Build an Uncrackable Password

Keeping your employees, your business and your client’s information safe has never been as crucial as it is today. Uncertain times call for stronger security. Strong passwords are utterly important – they prevent unauthorized access to your electronic accounts and devices.

If you choose a very complicated and long password, you will make it  difficult for a hacker to crack it, whether by a brute-force attack (i.e., trying every possible combination of numbers, letters or special characters) or an automated machine attack trying thousands of combinations per second to guess your one and only.

The more complex your passwords are, the more security it provides for you and your client’s data. Remember, not only are you storing your information, but the sensitive information of others as well. Therefore, taking care of your passwords is crucial.

Use a phrase.
• Around 12 letters long
• Something simple to remember, but hard to crack
• Can integrate things you like or do to make it more memorable
• Give an example

Keep each account unique.
• Never use the same password more than once
• Give an example (the idea here is to build on your previous example as you progress through each tip)

Play with the spelling.
• Use homonyms
o  Two instead of To
o  Ant instead of Aunt
• Build on your previous example

Random capitalizations and numbers.
• Use numbers and capitalizations but keep it memorable
o  If you go overboard, your password will be impossible to remember
• Idea: Can use a capital letter on the second word of every password
• Idea: Can use the same number behind the first word of every password
• Build on your previous example

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