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In a lot of ways, your business phone service is a lot more than just a traditional telephone. Regardless of the industry that you’re in or even the type of business you’re running, it’s essentially the spine of your organization’s ability to collaborate and communicate. It’s about more than just making and receiving calls. It’s about being able to be productive anywhere, at any time, absolutely no exceptions. It’s the critical asset you use to establish, maintain and strengthen your own relationships with your clients.

Now, thanks to our business phone service and VoIP (voice over IP) offerings, we want to help make sure that this spine is stronger than ever.

Business phone services and VoIP, unlike traditional telephone services, allow you to make and receive phone calls using the local area network or Internet connection that already exists within the hallowed halls of your office. You may think this is a small difference from the way things are normally done, but the advantages are as important as they are plentiful:

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  • Not only are the initial setup and operating costs far less for a business phone service than they are for traditional voice lines, but it’s also far, far easier to add new lines as your business grows and expands. Oftentimes no additional hardware is required and adding new users is as simple as making a phone call.
  • VoIP systems are also infinitely more accessible, as distance and even location are no longer burdens you have to deal with. You don’t have to worry about being in your office to receive that important call. Any device on planet Earth with an Internet connection BECOMES your office phone, through our business phone service, no exceptions.
  • VoIP systems are also infinitely more reliable than traditional networks. With a traditional phone service, if a sudden storm hits your area, your phones are going to go down for an indefinite period of time. With VoIP, and a reliable business phone service, so long as you have an Internet connection you not only have reliable phone service – you also have service that sounds better, richer and clearer than a traditional phone connection.

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A business phone service like VoIP also comes with a wide range of additional features, many of which are locked off to people who are still relying on “old school” telephone networks. Not only do you get call forwarding and call waiting but you can also enjoy things like voicemail, three-way calling and so much more. Depending on the software you use you can even exchange files with other people, hold video conferences and more – all using the same system in essentially the exact same way.

Based solely on these advantages, it’s easy to see why VoIP has become so popular with so many over the last few years alone. In this era where your own competitive advantage lives and dies based on your ability to collaborate and communicate, business phone service from Bourn Technology is one of the best chances you have to leap forward on the solid foundation that only 21st century technology can provide. Even if you think that switching from your existing provider would be “too difficult” or you don’t need our help because “you already have an IT guy,” trust us – this is one incredible opportunity that you do not want to pass up.

Our business phone service is about more than just engaging in conversations. It’s about empowering relationships, both for now and for all time.

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