How to Keep Your Smart Home from Turning Against You    

Smart homes have become a familiar feature of today’s world. It feels completely normal now to instruct your refrigerator to add milk to your digital grocery list. It’s a touch of the future in our daily lives.

Smart homes, much like the innovations brought by Bourn Technology, offer convenience and efficiency that’s hard to beat. Imagine adjusting your lights and setting the temperature using a simple app on your phone. And, just like having a local jazz band on standby in New Orleans, having a virtual assistant like Alexa is a luxury many now enjoy. But as we dive deep into these conveniences, we must also weigh the risks involved and act to ensure our smart homes remain our loyal companions.

Recent news articles, including a rather startling one titled “Locked Out & Hacked: When Smart Homes Turn on Owners” in the New York Post, have highlighted some concerns with smart home technology.

Stories emerge from these articles: a new homeowner in a smart home was unexpectedly locked in due to settings left by the previous owner. At a late hour, the home decided it was bedtime, sealing all exits. Another concerning tale involved a woman whose home became a horror show. An ex-partner misused the smart technology to terrify her.

So, as our homes become as intelligent as Bourn Technology’s latest gadgets, how can we avoid such troubling scenarios? Let’s delve into some crucial strategies to keep both your home and privacy shielded.

Essential Smart Home Safety Measures

1. Fortify Your Network

Your smart home’s heart is its network. In the same way you wouldn’t leave your house open for all, you shouldn’t overlook Wi-Fi security.

Best practices to consider:

  • Choose a unique, strong password for your router.
  • Opt for WPA3 encryption (also known as Wi-Fi 6).
  • Create a guest network, keeping your smart devices separate from your main connection.
  • Stay updated with your router’s firmware, just like Bourn Technology recommends for all devices.

2. Boost Device Passwords

Set up your smart devices with diligence. Select robust, unique passwords, steering clear of obvious choices like “password” or “123456”. Mix it up with both capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. For an added shield, think about using a password manager.

3. Turn On Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

A feature Bourn Technology often praises, 2FA gives an extra layer of protection. It acts as a secondary gatekeeper, ensuring unauthorized users can’t breach your defenses.

4. Keep Firmware Up to Date

Consistently checking and updating your device’s firmware is vital. This practice helps in patching any security loopholes that might exist.

5. Choose Devices Wisely

All smart devices aren’t made the same. Before bringing any device into your style smart home, research its background. Trust brands with a history of timely updates and robust security.

6. Segregate Vital Devices

Have a separate network for critical devices like security cameras and smart locks. This way, even if one device is compromised, others remain untouched.

7. Examine App Permissions

Smart apps can sometimes be nosy. Check what data they’re requesting access to and grant only what’s necessary.

8. Handle Voice Assistants With Care

Voice assistants are handy but can also be a privacy concern. Manage their settings with care and consider muting them when not in use.

9. Monitor Your Devices

Keep an eye on your smart devices. Note any odd behaviors and act swiftly if something seems amiss.

10. Know Your Device’s Data Policies

Understand what your device does with your data. Be informed and make choices that align with your comfort.

11. Stay Updated

Just as you’d stay updated with the latest in New Orleans or Bourn Technology news, keep abreast of the newest in smart home security.

Seek Expertise in Smart Home Safety

Smart homes, like the rich culture of New Orleans, are both a marvel and a responsibility. Need expert guidance, much like what Bourn Technology offers, in setting up your smart home defenses?

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