10 Biggest Cybersecurity Mistakes of Small Companies 

In the vibrant heart of New Orleans, there’s a thriving business community. But like everywhere else, it faces a lurking menace: cybercrime. Many believe that cyber attacks require great sophistication. Yet, often it’s simply due to relaxed cybersecurity that breaches occur, particularly among small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

As a small business owner, perhaps you’re focused on the exciting rhythm of growing your venture, much like the energy of New Orleans. You might believe your risk of a data breach is minimal or that prioritizing cybersecurity is an expense too great. But the truth from Bourn Technology tells a different tale.

Cybersecurity isn’t reserved for large corporations alone. Small businesses, with their perceived vulnerabilities, are prime targets for cybercriminals. Shockingly, half of SMBs have faced cyberattacks, and an alarming 60% close shop afterward.

Now, for some good news from Bourn Technology – cybersecurity doesn’t have to drain your funds. Most breaches happen due to human error. This means that enhancing your cyber hygiene can greatly reduce the risk of an attack.

Are You Making Any of These Cybersecurity Mistakes?

To find a solution, first pinpoint the problem. Many SMB teams often make overlooked cybersecurity mistakes. Let’s delve into some reasons why small businesses, perhaps like yours, become cyberattack victims.

1. Underestimating the Threat

One major slip SMBs make is underestimating cyber threats. Thinking you’re too small to be on the radar? That’s a risky belief. Cybercriminals often view small businesses as low-hanging fruit, thinking they lack the defenses to repel attacks. It’s vital to remember that every business, regardless of size, is a potential target. Being proactive, especially with the guidance of experts like Bourn Technology , is essential.

2. Neglecting Employee Training

Can you recall the last time your team had a cybersecurity refresher? Many SMBs, thinking their team is internet-savvy, overlook this. Yet, people are often the weak link in security. Training helps employees spot phishing scams, understand password strength, and recognize sly tactics of cybercriminals.

3. Using Weak Passwords

Weak passwords are like leaving your door unlocked in New Orleans. Many people use predictable passwords or recycle them across accounts, making it easier for hackers. Encourage robust, unique passwords and add multi-factor authentication for enhanced protection.

4. Ignoring Software Updates

Not updating software is akin to ignoring a leaky roof. Hackers often exploit outdated software. SMBs should ensure all software, including browsers and antivirus programs, is up to date.

5. Lacking a Data Backup Plan

Many SMBs operate without a data safety net, thinking disaster won’t strike them. Yet, data can be lost due to cyberattacks, hardware glitches, or even human mistakes. Always back up and occasionally test your backup for reliability.

6. No Formal Security Policies

Without clear security guidelines, your team might be in the dark about safely managing sensitive data or using devices securely. It’s crucial to set up policies covering passwords, data management, and other security aspects.

7. Ignoring Mobile Security

Mobile devices are integral to business today. SMBs should focus on mobile security just as much as computer security. Mobile device management solutions can help maintain security standards on all devices.

8. Failing to Regularly Watch Networks

Without IT experts, like those at Bourn Technology , SMBs might not detect unusual network activities promptly. Consider investing in network monitoring tools or services.

9. No Incident Response Plan

Without a response strategy, a cyber incident can cause panic and ineffective actions. Formulate a clear plan detailing steps for when a breach occurs.

10. Thinking They Don’t Need Managed IT Services

The cyber landscape is ever-evolving. Even though you might think your business is “too small” for managed IT services, these services come in various affordable packages tailored for SMBs. An MSP can shield your business and optimize your IT, offering peace of mind.

Learn More About Managed IT Services

Protecting your business doesn’t have to be a financial strain. Managed IT services can be budget-friendly, offering significant protection.

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