The Importance of Internet Security

Internet security is still a relatively new field.  Only a couple of decades ago, it was not even a concern. Today, it is one of the most important forms of security in existence.  It is also one of the most difficult ones when it comes to adapting to the ever-changing world that involves the Internet. When all of the business deals that are discussed via the Internet are considered, it is easy to relate to the level of importance when it comes to security.  Despite that fact, there are new problems that are occurring each day.  The key to maintaining Internet security is to maintain a method concerning best practices that can be truly effective in a world where the only constant is change.


The Importance of Internet Security

The importance of Internet security cannot be overstated.  Valuable information concerning major corporations and individual consumers alike are involved and when an Internet breach occurs, this information can fall into the wrong hands.  When it does, the results are often dire.  Whether it is having a single individual who has their bank account wiped out or a major corporation that is forced into a hostile takeover, the results are the same for those individuals that are being affected at the time.  It is enough to turn a person’s life upside down.  In a time when everyone is worried about security and threats that seem to come from all walks of life, there is always a sense of urgency associated with Internet security. Without it, everyone is exposed to the dangers of having their information falling into the hands of someone who has malicious intent.


Current Issues

Despite the fact that this is one of the most important forms of security, there are problems that occur on a daily basis.  While it is true that every occurrence is not something that hits the evening news, businesses and individuals are having important information stolen each and every day.  In far too many cases, the breach is so significant that it does make the evening news, often involving large corporations that were once considered to be extremely safe.  Sometimes it means that bank accounts and Social Security numbers of customers are now exposed and at other times, it means that a major company is on the brink of no longer doing business.  Even the United States government does not seem to be safe from these types of attacks.


Best Practices

The best way to encourage effective Internet security is to create a series of best practices that make it as difficult as possible for anyone that is attempting to breach the system.  Exactly how is this accomplished? Typically, it is done in several layers.  It requires multiple layers of encryption, coupled with systems that are difficult to break into in the first place.  It also requires that every section of the system that contains potentially sensitive information be protected with passwords that are difficult to breach.  Ideally, the layers of encryption should be accompanied by difficult passwords that contain both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.  Furthermore, these passwords should change frequently, at least every 90 days.  Depending on the nature of the information, they may need to change more often.  Even this is not enough to ensure complete security.  It is essential to have secure systems that block anyone who is trying to hack into the database in order to get the information, as well as systems that are able to successfully deal with things like spyware and malware.


A Changing World

The thing that makes it most difficult to ensure Internet security is that everything in the world is constantly changing.  Technology is developing at an alarmingly fast rate.  While this means that business personnel are able to do things they have never done before, it also means that criminals are able to do the exact same thing.  The security practices that worked last year or even last month are essentially obsolete today. It forces the good guys to work harder than everyone else in order to anticipate what criminals are going to do and prevent it before it happens.  It can be difficult, but it is necessary in order to ensure that business practices can occur safely and securely.



Internet security is a very important topic these days.  When it seems as though almost any system can be breached by the right individual, no matter how secure it is, it can seriously shake the confidence of anyone.  This has far reaching repercussions, potentially affecting the economy, personal and public safety, and almost everything else.  Therefore, it is imperative that those involved in Internet security constantly and tirelessly work to make systems safer and more difficult to breach.


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