How to wire Cat5e to the T568B Wiring Standard

In order to wire your Ethernet cable to the T568B Wiring Standard you must perform the following actions.


Strip the end of the Ethernet wire you are going to use of a portion of its covering to expose the different color wires inside.


set your wire pairs up in the following color order.


White Orange/Orange, Green White/Blue, Blue White/Green, Brown White/ Brown.


Once your colors are separated, place RJ45 connector on to cables making sure that each of the colors are staying in the same order as its  being routed in the RJ45 connector. Be sure that the latch that holds the wire in place is pointed down.


Trim wires as needed to make sure that the RJ 45 connector will fit enough to have some of the portion covering the right of the wires to fit inside, you will need to crimp a part of it to make sure the cable stays in place inside of the connector.


Once connector is placed onto the cable and you see that the colored wires are touching the end of the connector, place wire connector first into the crimping tool.


Apply pressure to the crimping tool to make sure the connector is crimped into the wire.


Once this is done, perform the same steps on the other end of the cable.


Once the cable is made, use a tester on the cable to verify that it has been made properly.


If there are any errors, cut the end off and start over again.


Your ends of your Ethernet cables should look like the diagram below.

T568B Wire Diagram

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