Managed IT Services and you. How outsourced IT can benefit your company.

Your business may currently rely on in-house IT teams to manage technology systems and equipment. However, there are a variety of benefits from using managed IT services for your company. Research completed by CompTIA shows that over two-thirds of business owners are now utilizing managed IT support in the last year. Consider some of the following benefits your company will receive from working with a managed IT company:

  • Network monitoring
  • System Backup and Recovery
  • Email Hosting
  • CRM applications and Storing Data
  • Ensuring HIPAA compliance


  1. Reduction of Employee Downtime


When the internet fails and there are IT problems with systems in your company, that creates employee downtime–and lack of productivity. That is no way to run a thriving business. In a recent survey completed by Information Week, IT problems cost $265 billion in lost revenue for business owners. This results in approximately $150,000 lost revenue for individual businesses each year simply due to IT issues.


Managed services providers provide timely and accurate help with IT problems in your company. You can work with these providers so that your employees will be productively working and not spending their downtime due to IT issues in the employee lunchroom. With our physical health, we want to prevent major issues, so we don’t end up in the hospital or worse. As a business owner, you should see the health of your IT systems in the same way and proactively work with a managed services provider to keep your IT systems and equipment operating smoothly.


  1. Streamlines Your Management Strategies


When the daily operation of your business proceeds smoothly, that’s a win for your company. Working with managed IT providers will help your company streamline management strategies. They can provide web or email hosting services, effectively store invaluable data, and provide a wide array of assistance for technical issues that can stagnate your business operations.


When you work with managed IT services to ensure the proper management of your IT systems and equipment, you can utilize your in-house IT personnel to concentrate on ways to augment company productivity and the services that your company offers to customers and clients. They won’t have to deal with minor IT issues and can then focus on the bigger picture to help your company achieve more success.


  1. Augments Data Analysis


Managed IT service providers can help your business better manage your network and data storage for optimized efficiency. When you implement data analysis services from these providers, you can review that information and identify how well the databases are operating to implement system changes if necessary. These providers will help your company become more efficient and that results in enhanced productivity and increased revenue. You can access the stored data through a client gateway on a secure network. Your client dashboard can be customized so you will efficiently maximize control over your data.


  1. Be Good to Your Budget


It is important to diligently research the managed IT service provider that you’ll work with. You don’t want to waste time and money, which defeats the purpose of augmenting your systems and equipment for better success of your company. Look for a provider that offers fixed rates. Ask questions so you know exactly what they will be doing for your company and ascertain if there are any hidden costs. Working with a provider that has your company’s best interests at heart is important.


Be aware that you may have to invest in new equipment to ensure optimized performance of the IT systems in your facility. These initial costs will pay off with increased savings as your business utilizes the upgraded technology.


  1. HIPAA Compliance


Understanding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) can be confusing. However, as the owner or manager of your company, you need to understand the continually evolving regulations. Managed IT services providers are equipped to ensure that your company databases stay in compliance with HIPAA regulations.


  1. Augments Company Security 


Cybersecurity threats from hackers are a real threat to your business if you haven’t implemented effective system security protocols. Managed services providers are technologically equipped to continually monitor your systems, networks, and equipment from these cybersecurity threats.


In addition to continually monitoring your systems and equipment from attacks, they implement preventive measures to prevent network and data breaches. When you work with a managed services provider, they create an action plan that is specific to the needs of your company so that all sensitive data is protected, those who access it are monitored, and all devices with access to the network and systems are closely monitored.


Take the productivity of your business to the next level by working with a managed IT services provider. You’ll save money and decrease employee downtime. These professional technicians will work to protect your systems, networks, and equipment from IT issues and cyber-attacks.

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