Using Kingdom licenses over the internet

It is possible to allow users to access a networked kingdom license server over the internet thereby enabling users working from home or while away from the office. The license server listens for requests on UDP port 5093, so you can use NAT on your router to redirect those requests to your license server. Once that is set up, you can enter your public IP address or DNS name that resolves to it into the license section of your 2d3dpak.set file located in your home folder.

C:\Users\<your user name>\KingdomSuite\2d3dpak.set (windows 7)

Below is that section from my 2d3dpak.set file.


** If you can, create a firewall rule allowing only the IP addresses if your remote locations to access the redirected ports. Otherwise, it is possible for someone you don’t know to check out a license. This isn’t always possible if the remote location has a dynamic IP address or if the user will be traveling to unknown locations.

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